must obey the gibberish, it begs for freedom...

"Ding." The sound of the elevator arriving pierces the empty hallways surrounding me. Before the tomb-like vessel can eagerly open its doors and whisk me away into the sky, my mind begins to race with the fantasy of what could be waiting behind those over-sized, ominous doors. Their crude coloring only sparks my interest more as it settles down in front of me.

Yes, it would be so easy to assume either nothing or perhaps just the usual, random stranger waiting to fill the joyless ride with a powerful yet infinitely silent awkward moment. However, due to the monotonous outcomes of life that have come to haunt me so far my brain begins cooking up wild alternatives, just to keep reality interesting.

As the door slides open, collapsing in on itself one layer at a time I notice a familiar liquid come trickling out of the newly created doorway. Blood! It is a deep hue of red and carries the same consistency as the trickle leads my eyes into a chaotic frenzy of detail. With overdue shock I look inside to see a scene only found in movies.

In the center of the elevator is a fresh pool of blood with no trace of where it came from in sight. No body, human or animal. Maybe an accident, but thats too easy, too simple. Blood spatters coat the walls, with the occasional smeared hand print. Signs of struggle. The trickle leads up into a hole in the ceiling. The service panel is missing.

Without warning, a slight rush of adrenaline shatters the stone grip of fear grappling my body. I rush in to see through the curious hole in the ceiling. Upon arrival, the semi-dark elevator shaft I expect to see is actually the retro orange doors of the elevator.

A cold draft from the hallway brings me back to focus and I notice I am standing outside again, waiting for the elevator.

The same familiar "ding" rips across the empty hallways signaling the timely creation of a doorway. Like clockwork the metal door collapses in on itself and reveals...and so on.
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nectar of the gods

time is once again slipping through the proverbial cracks without a moments notice. people grow and they shrink, the clouds mass and disperse.

worry not little chick-ling for the world has seen many forms and nothing can compare to the past. carry on, carry on!

i am late! i am late! for a very important date!
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(no subject)

it is days like today that force fantasies of a great exodus to far away reaches from civilization into my head, because we all know there is nothing "civil" about "civilization".

just a bunch of assholes, trying to be on their best behavior. whatever.
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straight up.

"Don't worry about people stealing an idea. If it's original, you will have to ram it down their throats."

- Howard Aiken
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the reds are attacking!

Boeing engineer charged with stealing Space Shuttle secrets for China
By James P. Miller | Tribune staff reporter
1:03 PM CST, February 11, 2008

The Justice Department said Monday that it has arrested a former Boeing Co. engineer on charges that he stole Boeing trade secrets related to several aerospace programs -- including the Space Shuttle -- on behalf of the Peoples Republic of China.

The department said the arrest of 72-year-old Dongfan "Greg" Chung, of Orange, Calif. follows his indictment on eight counts of economic espionage and acting as an unregistered foreign agent for China.

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rejoice for progression in entertainment! see the movie shoot 'em up.

amazing acting, amazing screenplay, amazing dialogue, amazing music. yup.
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nature's symphony

ode to the endless midnight hours,
spent toiling in recreation,
of the complex delicacies found,
in new life.
the creeping and crawling vibrates,
a power struggle without politics,
as seeds the size of dreams,
cry more, more, more,
bursting into a colorful,
foliage of beauty.

merry christmas to all and to all a, good night.

p.s. the directing in pretty persuasion is delightful, the plot is meh.
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